International Hall – The World on your Doorstep

As is to be expected, children’s games form the main theme for the Festival’s exhibitions. The timeless "The World on your Doorstep" -exhibition again offers a display of the distinctive history and culture of many different countries. With the use of short introductions, graphical representations and displays of characteristic cultural and historical relics, visitors are given an understanding of the cultural background of the different countries represented, inducing cultural exchange and showing that children’s folklore knows no boundaries.

Puppetry Hall – The legend of Shih Yan-wen

The most sensational theme hall of this year’s Festival is the Puppetry Hall, which features the legend of Shih Yan-wen. Here Shih Yan-wen, a character with superhuman powers and star puppet of the most unique television series in the history of Taiwan, comes alive again as an itinerant entertainer. In this hall you will be taken into the legendary world of Shih Yan-wen whose story is told through the different representations of this famous character by three generations of the Shih and Huang families. The puppet performance will be combined with the folklore and folk games under the stage.


City of Light and Magic

The City of Light and Magic is also one of the theme halls of this year’s Festival and houses, among other things, a human kaleidoscope and a maze of mirrors. The contents and objects found in this hall are exhibited in accordance with the principles of optical science. When visiting this hall, you will be able to personally experience the myriad of wonders and magic powers of optical magic.  

Aviation Hall

Another theme exhibition hall is the Aviation Hall where you will be taken on a trip through humanity’s age-long dream to conquer the air. In this hall a selection of flying children’s gizmos built on the principles of physics and chemistry is exhibited, such as the original design of the ancestor of today’s rockets, the " Big Gun Shooting Towards the Sky" and the magnetic flying disk. Visitors can also realize their own dream and experience a flight simulation.

Children’s e Academy

A wonderful place for children to understand the world of Internet: perhaps the kids know how to navigate the Internet however, do you know how it is constructed? What is the difference between the wide frequency and narrow frequency? What’s the relationship among the Internet world, brick and slide? In Children’s E Academy, all these answers will be shown in an unexpected way. In addition, kids can make his own photo album about ICFFF by digital camera.