To recall your childhood memories through participating the Ilan International Children’s Folklore and Folk Game Festival  

Liu Shou Chen (Chief of Ilan County)

No matter now or the past, every adult and child must have their own childhood memories and different dreams for their future. In truth, dreams of young kids have become not only the impetus to push them ahead when they grow up but also traces deeply into their minds. Those childish fantasies that they once had of flying or Chinese chivalry are actually the common dreams of people and the feelings that 2001 Ilan International Children’s Folklore and Folk Game Festival would like to share with you.

Ilan County Government, armed with the sponsorship of the Council for Cultural Affairs of Executive Yuan, had organized the first Ilan Folklore and Folk Game Festival for our children in 1996 at Chingshuei Park on Tongshan River. This year is the fifth anniversary of this international festival. The total number of foreign and local visitors over the past four "Ilan International Children’s Folklore and Folk Game Festival" is estimated over 1,500,000. These visitors have contributed NTD1.8 billion to the local economy and the result should be attributed to a combination of efforts from different fields, including industries, tourism, culture, art and diplomacy. However, Ilan County government is not self-content about this result at all. In the 2001 Ilan International Children’s Folklore and Folk Game Festival, we will endeavor to advance the overall quality and quantity in the performances, exhibitions, games and all interactions.

 In the 2001 Ilan International Children’s Folklore and Folk Game Festival, besides the abundant folk games, music, dances and water amusement facilities such as three dimensional maze, water maze, reverse water maze and the tunnel of wonder, Ilan County government will launch a show about the legend of Shih Yan-wen and an UFO in the technological wizard pavilion. Given that flying in the sky and being a hero are two dreams in the minds of all human beings, the organizer has arranged activities such as playing firework “Big Gun Shooting Towards the Sky”, launching jet planes and figuring out the mystery of flying UFO in order to fulfill the most fantastic dreams of everyone. Furthermore, through watching the Shih Yan-wen puppet show being performed by three generations of Huangs, the distance among people who grow up in modern, contemporary, and post-contemporary of time will hardly be felt.

A famous psychologist, Carl Jung, always saw UFOs as the symbol of human's idiosyncrasy. The 2001 Ilan International Children’s Folklore and Folk Game Festival has worked at recalling every visitor's childhood memories and looking forward the future by presenting the abundant folk dance & music, wonders in flying disks or Chinese puppet Shih Yan-wen no matter which age group, race, gender or nationality our visitor belongs to. Meanwhile, we also hope that each of our guests can be encouraged to think about their self-growth, visions, and value in life. As the simulative UFO being staged in Chingshuei Park is sparkling with radiant beams of light and accompanied by children's laughter, it will be impossible for visitors to differentiate reality from illusion. The touching thing you will hold on to at Ilan International Children's Folklore and Folk Game Festival is the chance to feel like being a happy child again.