Water Labyrinth

During those past sluggish summer days, the Water Park has always been the main attraction of the Ilan Children’s Festival. As in previous year, the water labyrinth, which everyone is always talking about, will take you through the hot days of summer. Computer-controlled and designed over a large area, refreshing water columns rise and fall as if they’re dancing on the rhythm of music while light effects add luster to the event. Young and old dance with the water columns, making it a true summer scene worth remembering.

Counterclockwise Water Labyrinth

Last year’s novelty, the counterclockwise water labyrinth, was a popular attraction among all visitors. This year, in addition to the original design, a special low-turn counterclockwise water labyrinth has been developed in consideration of the safety of our little visitors that weigh less than 45kg. Luster is added to the water bed and the water columns by music and lighting give everyone the opportunity to wash away the summer heat. 

Amazing Tunnel

With screams permeated from this amazing tunnel, it will be even more exciting this year. Within the 200 meters long and winding tunnel, a typhoon-generator has been installed, leaving you amidst drenching rain and howling winds, without doubt giving you the jitters. Water columns rise from all corners, soaking your skin as if you were enjoying a relaxing SPA.


UFO Labyrinth

The floating labyrinth is a completely new attraction of the 2001 Ilan Festival, which will float down from outer space to land in the Chin-Shui Water Park. Dazzling lights will illuminate the water as if aliens have come to reach out to the human race heralding the future. This year’s newly developed water games will undoubtedly draw your attention.